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Practice Areas

Our experienced firm is capable of handling a variety of matters, from complex litigation and intricate transactions to your most essential legal needs.  Our law practice focuses on numerous areas of law, including:
Estate Planning & Probate Administration


Preserve your past and protect your loved ones' futures. Our firm has decades of experience preparing wills, trusts, and durable powers of attorney. Whether you need a special-needs trust or simply some tax planning advice, we've got you covered. 


After consulting with you, we will present you with your options and provide an estate plan tailor-made for your needs. 



Family Law


Divorces and custody battles can be some of the most stressful times of your life. We can help you with those issues.

Our team can assist you with your divorces, custody and visitation matters, child and spousal support matters, adoptions, guardianships, prenuptial agreements, and all other related family matters. 



Real Estate

Barnhart, Tinsman & Associates, values the pride one takes with home ownership and understands the difficulty associated with conveying away grandpa's farm.  We have represented all kinds of parties involved in real estate transactions, including buyers and sellers, banks, third-party lenders, and developers. 


As a member of the Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund and the American Land Title Association, we can write your title policy and help you protect your property rights.  

Property Law

We handle a variety of types of property law. Our clients' issues have ranged from landlord/tenant disputes, property line disputes, security interests in personal property and real property, and numerous others.  


Whether it be copyrighting your business logo or collateralizing your outstanding debt, we have the experience necessary to protect your property. 


Electric Cooperative


Numerous electric cooperatives throughout Illinois have utilized our firm as counsel for small claims, corporate meetings and advisement, and legislative consulting.


After decades of practice in this area, our firm has the knowledge and background to provide your electric cooperative, its board members, and its membership with competent and experienced representation in an often niche legal practice.



Corporate & Business

Corporations, partnerships, LLCs, and numerous other business entities have relied on Barnhart, Tinsman & Associates to form the legal entity best fit for their business.  We can help you choose the best option for you to minimize your business' tax obligations and limit your personal liability.


Our firm also has years of experience litigating for corporate and small-business clients.  From small claims and collections to multi-state complex litigation, let us fight for you and your business so you can continue doing what you do--running a business. 

Eminent Domain 


During his time as a Special Assistant Attorney General, Gary Barnhart tried over 450 eminent domain cases over the course of 30+ years.  He was appointed by 4 consecutive Illinois Attorney Generals: Neil Hartigan, Roland Burris, Jim Ryan, and Lisa Madigan.


Following his retirement Nick Tinsman has  followed  in representing the State of Illinois through the Illinois Department of Transportation and Department of Natural Resources in numerous condemnation cases throughout the State.




Whitney Parrish is a skilled mediator, trained and authorized by the Ninth Judicial Circuit to conduct Mediation in all areas of the law. She routinely handles Mediation for divorces, custody cases, parenting disputes, and other related family and civil matters. 

Contact our office today if you are in need of a Mediator. 

Personal Injury


Deciding whether you have a compensable claim or whether to proceed with personal injury actions is often a complex and difficult decision. At Barnhart, Tinsman & Associates, we promise to examine your case and provide you with the information you need on moving forward with these actions.


Our firm has assisted numerous clients in awards for medical payments, pain and suffering, wrongful death, and lost wages for their injuries. There is never a consultation fee to discuss your personal injury matter. 


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